Monday, January 30, 2012

New Color Line

I am so pleased to announce I have started a new color line to carry for my clients who choose to get their color and highlight services with Running With Shears!  By choosing a new line of color, this will allow me to optimize your service - life time of the color, more variety in the colors to customize the look you desire and flexibility in  the choices I can offer you! By choosing this new route to approach your color it also supports my continued education in providing me with excellent education to serve you better.

Let me know if you are interesting in trying my new line - jazz up your existing color or try something new!

Mention "Roots are for Trees" and I'll offer you a special price! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rainbow Ombre

Ok, so this is Rainbow Ombre - the Ombre looks has been really, really popular in the last year.  What is Ombre?  Very Basically - it is where your hair is dark on top and light on the bottom.  Sometimes drastically, sometimes very subtle.

Question:  How did they get the hair to "grab" these colors?  How long will her hair last that way?

 Since her hair already had blonde on it, it probably grabbed these colors pretty easily and will look washed out in just a short time.  You could try and cover it with a bleach bath or cover it with an alternate blonde.... but for her it will be there, just not as intensely for quite some time.  I think it is super fun and very pretty!

What do you think? 

Running with Shears

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Launch!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new website and name:

Running with Shears

This should take a little mystery about the mobile aspect of my services! 

You will now be able to find information on my pricing, service details, my facebook feed, resources and my background as a product junkie, makeup artist and hairstylist!  

The Roots Are For Trees Blog is intended to offer additional information to you - my client on technical and practical advice concerning your color, highlights and lowlights!  

Here are all the places you can find me:

 Main Web Site with Big Picture Info:

Facebook Fan Page:

General Musings on all things Beauty
Arica's Beauty Blog

Dimensional Color Conversations
Roots Are For Trees

Please let me know if you need a product recommendation or have any questions you would like covered here.  

xo - Arica